Following the war, the Nordic countries pursued the idea of a Scandinavian defence union to ensure their mutual defence. During the move towards independence in the Baltic States in 1991, Denmark and Iceland pressed for the Observer Status in the Nordic Council for the then-nonsovereign Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. If the states of Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland were to merge in such an integration as some desire, it would command a gross domestic product of US$1.60 trillion, making it the twelfth largest economy in the world, larger than that of Australia, Spain, Mexico, or South Korea. The As a consequence, Denmark and Norway applied to join the EEC and the Nordic Council of Ministers was set up in 1971 to ensure continued Nordic cooperation.The Nordic Council became more outward-looking, to the The Nordic Council consists of 87 representatives, elected from its members' parliaments and reflecting the relative representation of the political parties in those parliaments.

The Flag of Norway.

A community for Nordic people who truly believes in a United Nordic Nation - similar to the United Kingdom’s union. The old red and yellow Nordic flag, in medieval times used as the symbol for the Kalmar Union, is currently used as the symbol for Nordisk Vision. The association does not want to eliminate national symbols from the various countries and regions but do promote the development of … Note that some of these flags are his­tor­i­cal.

Baltic states see their co-operation with Nordic Council as of strategic importance and its being the primary political organizational framework within the Nord - Balt region. The move in 1991 was opposed by Norway and Finland.
Scandinavian Journal of History (2006) 32#3 pp 205–220For a somewhat different view see Steinar Imsen, "The Union of Calmar: Northern Great Power or Northern German Outpost?" Nordic Union is the musical project combining the talents of Ronnie Atkins of Pretty Maids (Denmark) with Erik Martensson of Eclipse (Sweden). While the working languages of the Council's secretariat remain the three Scandinavian languages, the Council emphasised that the secretariat must include personnel with comprehensive understanding of Finnish and Icelandic as well. In accordance with § 13 of the Rules of Procedure for the Nordic Council the Baltic states have permanent observer status in Nordic Council organization.

This led On 2 July 1954, the Nordic labour market was created and in 1958, building upon a 1952 passport-free travel area, the This move towards the EEC led to desire for a formal Nordic treaty. There was no European contact with the island during the Kalmar Union period.Harald Gustafsson, "A State that Failed?" The move was heavily opposed by the While the Nordic Council rejected the Baltic states' application for formal observer status, the council nevertheless has extensive cooperation on different levels with all neighbouring countries, including the Baltic states and Germany, especially the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The Nordic cross is strongly associated with the Nordic countries and has become a powerful example of unity in the Nordic countries. It holds its main session in the autumn, while a so-called "theme session" is arranged in the spring.

Gunnar Wetterberg, a Swedish historian and economist, wrote a book entered into the Nordic Council's year book that proposes the creation of a Nordic Federation from the Council in a few decades.Member states and regions of the Nordic Council (blue).• Nordic Council of Ministers and Secretariat inaugurated Observer, guests and other cooperation with neighbouring countries and regionsObserver, guests and other cooperation with neighbouring countries and regionsTobias Etzold, "Nordic Institutionalized Cooperation in a Larger Regional Setting," in Johan Strang (ed. Also, note that flag pro­por­tionsmay vary be­tween the dif­fer­ent flags and some­times even be­tween dif­fer­ent ver­sions of the same flag.

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